South Carolina Schedule for Workers’ Compensation Disabilities

Following a catastrophic work injury, victims may be left wondering how they will earn a living and provide for their families. The stress of economic uncertainty can take an unnecessary toll at a time when victims should be focused on healing and trying to get back to work.


Fortunately, South Carolina workers’ compensation laws require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide benefits for the lost earning potential incurred by suffering a permanent disability. However, workers’ compensation insurance claims adjusters may attempt to downplay injuries in an attempt to pay as little compensation as possible,


In these instances, injured South Carolina workers may need the legal representation of a skilled and dedicated Spartanburg workers’ compensation attorney. The Spartanburg workers’ compensation attorneys of Double Aught Injury Lawyers have years of experience helping disabled workers in their times of need and advocate strongly for their legal rights.


Compensation for Permanent Disabilities


South Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws have a prescribed schedule for compensating permanent disabilities. Depending on the body part and extent of the injury, various amounts of compensation may be paid out. For example, injuries to the thumb may result in a payout of compensation for 65 weeks, while injuries to the back could lead to a payout of over 500 weeks. A skilled attorney will be able to provide you with more information on your eligibility for compensation depending on the location and severity of your injuries.


Rates of Compensation for Permanent Disabilities


Rate of income paid for permanent disabilities is usually two-thirds of the injured worker’s wages for the duration allotted by law. Maximum and minimum compensation rates are also mandated by the law, meaning workers cannot be paid more or less than certain amounts.


In 2016, the maximum workers’ compensation rate is $784.03 per week. The minimum rate is $75 per week.


Spartanburg Workers’ Compensation Attorneys


If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury on the job resulting in a permanent disability, you may be able to collect time sensitive benefits based on South Carolina’s schedule of compensation. The Spartanburg workers’ compensation attorneys of Double Aught Injury Lawyers have years of experience advocating for the rights of disabled workers and can help do the same for you.


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