The Impact of Social Media on Your Personal Injury Claim

It is hard to find somebody that does not use some form of social media, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any of the other popular social media platforms. Studies show nearly 81 percent of people had a profile on some type of social media. Using social media can be fun. You are able to reconnect with old friends, keep in touch with family members, and quickly send a message to your entire network.

As much fun as social media can be, there are unexpected dangers to it. One such unexpected danger is a negative impact on your personal injury claim.

How Can Social Media Impact a Greenville, SC Car Accident Claim?

Posts on your social media can be used as evidence in refuting your injuries. After filing a personal injury suit, the opposing side will investigate your damages and try to find reasons to refute them. The defendant can even ask for certain documents during discovery. One such way is combing through your various social media accounts. A seemingly innocent post about playing soccer with your children or going out dancing could be used against you. A claim of a bad back, knees, or some other physical injury could be called into question if there is evidence of you being able to use those body parts even with the alleged injury.

It is not just the opposing side that will look through your social media. Insurance companies often look at social media of claimants in evaluating their claims. Evidence that an injury might not be as serious as you allege could cause your damages to be potentially be reduced.

Further, the opposing party and insurance company might look for evidence to prove that your injury occurred before an accident or incident. They might look for posts about previous illness or injury to reduce their liability and therefore decrease the damages they might be liable for.

Social Media Tips in Greenville, SC

After an accident or injury, you do not have to completely delete your social media accounts. Instead, be cautious when using a social media platform and think of the consequences of a post. Here are some tips to using social media after an accident.

  • Do not post about the accident or injury. You might have good intentions, but it is best to keep information about your injury and subsequent lawsuit off of social media. Further, do not post case updates while your case is ongoing. If someone else posts about your accident or injury, do not discuss it with others on the post.
  • Make sure that your profiles are private. You only want your profile to be scene by the people you know and trust. Set your privacy settings so that strangers, or opposing counsel, cannot look at your profile.
  • Do not add people you do not know. You should not do this in general, but it is even more important following an accident. It could be someone trying to gather evidence against your case.

The law office of Double Aught Injury Lawyers is here to answer any questions about your personal injury suit, including social media posts. Our experienced personal injury attorney is ready and waiting to help you succeed.