Drunk Driving Accidents More Likely on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day holds the unique distinction of being a combination of a religiously-rooted holiday, a cultural phenomenon, and a beer drinking celebration. More than almost any holiday, save for New Year’s Eve after 2:00 a.m., St. Patrick’s Day has statistically resulted in a tragically high number of alcohol related deaths. In particular, drunk driving incidents occur frequently on St. Patrick’s Day, and both drinkers and teetotalers should ensure they take appropriate precautions.

Drunk driving is illegal in South Carolina and can result in criminal penalties. Additionally, victims of drunk driving accidents have the legal right to sue the drunk driver and seek financial compensation for their injuries. As lawsuits tend to ruin the party, St. Patrick’s enthusiasts are encouraged to be careful on the holiday, especially when drinking OR driving (do NOT do both).

Drunk Driving Accidents Tend to Be Worse than Standard Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents involving drunk drivers tend to have more deadly consequences than most other car crashes. This is mainly because inebriated drivers have less control over their actions and are therefore less able to mitigate the harm caused by the accident. Drunk drivers are less likely to avoid stationary traffic and pedestrians and are slow to break with traffic. As a result, collisions often occur at high speeds, often with significant risk of injury to both the drunk driver and the victim.

Guide to a Safe and Car Accident Free St. Patrick’s Day

No one, not even a bunch of stoic attorneys, can ruin a good St. Patrick’s Day, and we would not want to do so anyway. The goal is to ensure everyone is safe on St. Patrick’s Day. Below are some helpful tips to prevent drunk driving accidents.

  • Consider transportation: If you and friends are going out drinking, find someone willing to abstain from alcohol and serve as a designated driver. If you do not have anyone willing to undertake this task, it may be best to either take a Taxi or an Uber/Lyft to and from your local bar.
  • Download a Drunk Driving Test App on Your Phone: Several companies have released apps that are designed to measure how drunk the user is. These apps ask users to complete a series of tasks that are easy for sober people to complete but would be very difficult for someone who is too tipsy to drive to pass. If you fail the test, avoid the driver’s seat.
  • Encourage Others to Hand Over Their Keys: If you notice someone who is too intoxicated to drive, you should intervene before he or she gets behind the wheel. Offer to hold onto a friend’s keys until they become sober or offer them a ride home.
  • For the Sober Drivers, Follow All of the Road Rules and Be Cautious: Unfortunately, some drunk driving will occur on St. Patrick’s Day, and the best way for sober drivers to avoid accidents it to remain vigilant. If you notice other vehicles acting erratically, avoid them at all costs.

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