Autoworker Killed at BMW Plant

A man recently died after succumbing to injuries when he fell at the BMW plant, according to media reports. The 55-year old man was employed by Steel Performance, Inc. as a contractor for the BMW plant. The victim was transported to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center after surviving the ordeal, but passed away.


The Spartanburg County Coroner’s office and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are both investigating the incident. Neither organization has provided much information since the worker’s tragic passing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family during this difficult time.


South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Benefits


Under the South Carolina law, surviving family members are entitled to certain workers’ compensation death benefits if their loved one passed away from a work related accident. These benefits are limited and surviving family members should understand this when filing claims.


The law may reimburse families up to $2,500 in reasonable funeral costs to lay their loved one to rest. While this is not as generous as in other states, it none the less helps cover some of the costs grieving families may incur after the loss of a loved on.


Income awards are also available to surviving family members like spouses and children who relied on the deceased’s income for support. Dependants may receive up to two-thirds of the deceased’s income for up to 500 weeks (about nine and a half years).


Workers’ Compensation Benefits Hearings


Sometimes, employers deny claims or do not pay maximum benefit rates to surviving family members. Employers and their insurance companies may allege the fatality was not the result of a workplace accident but was instead caused by something else.


Other times, families may not receive all of the income benefits they may need to survive upon the passing of their main income provider. In these instances, family members may need to request hearings before a workers’ compensation commissioner to fight for their benefits.


Spartanburg Workers’ Compensation Attorneys


If your family lost a loved one in a workplace accident, Double Aught Injury Lawyers strongly encourages you to consider hiring a Spartanburg workers’ compensation attorney from the onset of your claim to help ensure your family receive the maximum benefit rates. Employers and their insurance providers may attempt to take advantage of families without legal representation and offer a less than fair settlement.


Having a workers’ compensation attorney from the start can signal to employers and their insurance companies you intend to take your claim very seriously and will expect to be treated accordingly. Our attorneys understand the hardships families may face following the loss of a loved one and are fully prepared to handle workers’ compensation adjusters and advocate strongly for your rights.


Do not risk the welfare of your family by putting your claim in the hands of insurance claims adjusters who may undermine the value of your benefits. Contact our office for a free consultation about your claim and see what benefits you may qualify for. Our attorneys represent clients in Greenville, Spartanburg and across the Upstate.